Villa Doughty Pool

Absolutely Fabulous!

Our stay was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! It was great to have the space to roam and not step on each others feet, you could find a corner and just get lost in the surroundings, in bird song or watching or be by the pool. We cooked as an entire family (all 10 of us) and never once did the kitchen seem like it was closing in on us. The proximity to the highway and the town was great and very convenient for all our daily outings. The central location of the house helped us plan our “tours” around Costa Rica so much better. Piet & Yvonne are truly great, warm & inviting and so accommodating. And the Doughty’s also helped put the cherry on top of our wonderful family vacation. Top Notch recommendations all around!
The Smith’s     Mar 2017    Bermuda


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