Visit Atenas Festival of Life Mar 9th-11th-2018

Visit Atenas Festival of Life Mar 9th-11th-2018.

The first Annual Festival of Life /Fiesta de Vida will be held at the Atenas Parque Central March 9th- 11th. The Festival will take place at Central Park starting at noon on Friday, March 9th. There will be many booths set up with community organizations sharing their services. There will also be entertainment (music, concerts and dance) through-out the week-end, and so much more! Each night the Festival will end with music provided by Baile Con DJ from 8 PM – 10:00 PM. For all the daily details, check out this Facebook page for Festival of Life/Fiesta de Vida

On Sunday from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM the Food Festival will take place benefiting the Hogar de Vida Children’s home in Atenas. Entrance tickets to the International Food Festival will be 3,000 Colones to the public and all proceeds benefit the Hogar de Vida Children’s home in Atenas. This is where you will get to taste samples of International foods. Come and taste other foods from around the world, help the kids, and have fun!

Then from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, live in concert, the FLASHBACK Band will play. There will be a raffle to benefit other local organizations such as the Red Cross, Animales Atenas, Angel Tree, Swim for Life, and the Hogar de Vida children’s home and more. Other concerts will follow through-out the day and evening until the end of the first Festival of Life at 10:00 PM. Plan to come to Parque Central next week-end and enjoy the food, fun, music and lots more!

Atenas Residents Celebrate Costa Rica Independence Day! – News –

Atenas Residents Celebrate Costa Rica Independence Day! – News –


Last Friday a group of about 50 Atenas residents, all members of the Atenas Men’s Club, boarded a bus to participate in a celebration of Costa Rica’s Independence Day. We took a ride through beautiful rolling hills to Rancho Montecito near the town of Balsa. The owner of Rancho Montecito, Debbie Conway, one of the club’s members, met us at the entrance and gave a wonderful entertaining tour of her cattle Ranch and farm. We learned all about how she was a city slicker from Miami who arrived some 16 years ago and purchased 260 acres of land and planted 10,000 fruit trees. However when it came time for her to sell the fruit, not many buyers wanted what she had to sell. So then she made a decision to become a cattle rancher. It took her and her crew of ranch hands several years and lots of hard work to learn the business, but she now has a very successful cattle ranch.

Men’s Club member Tony Phillips and wife Rosemary, along with host Debbie, planned a fun-filled afternoon at the Ranch to celebrate Costa Rica’s Independence Day. We arrived at Rancho Montecito, beautiful 6 Bedroom, 4 bath unique Farmhouse. It is also a Vacation Rental for guests to come and enjoy a spacious outdoor experience off the tourist grid. The Ranch was beautifully decorated with piñatas, lovely fresh flower table decorations, life-size cowboy stand-ups of rancher Ben Cartwright and son Hoss from the Bonanza TV series. A delicious lunch of enchiladas, rice, salads, and a wonderful Flan completed the Fiesta meal. After the meal, we were entertained by a local Dance group, saw roping demonstrations by the local ranch hands, and listened to the music of a five piece Mariachi band who entertained us with some very lively music for almost two hours. The dance group and ropers even tried to teach some of the guests how to do their fancy moves. There were prizes for the best dancers and for the best dressed cowboy and cowgirl. A great time of food and fun was had by all in attendance! We also joined in singing the Costa Rica National Anthem after we learned some of the history of how it became the National Anthem. At the end of the entertainment we sang Happy Birthday to Debbie and were able to share in eating the beautiful birthday cake that Tony and Rosemary had brought for the special occasion! Now that’s how to celebrate Independence Day in Costa Rica!

To join the Atenas Men’s Club (both men and women can join) email List, so you can attend the next planned event, you can contact Tony Phillips at his email address

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El Toledo Organic Coffee Tour

El Toledo Organic Coffee Tour

Many of our vacation rental guests at Villa Doughty have spent an afternoon at the small El Toledo Organic Coffee Farm in Atenas. Most of our guests say it is a must see attraction if you are staying in Atenas. The coffee tour, given by the owner’s son, Gabriel Calderon Vargas, “is real, unaffected, un-commercial, informative, and inspirational and gives you a great perspective on what organic farming is all about”. For those who want to learn about organic farming this is a phenomenal tour. Depending on what time your tour is you will always enjoy samples of their three coffee beans and you may also enjoy a lunch. Check their calendar for availability on dates and times. $20 per person for the 2 1/2 hour coffee tour. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Click on the link above to enjoy the short video created by Peter Greenberg: “Go Local and Organic to Taste Some of Costa Rica’s Best Coffee”

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