Just Imagine

Just Imagine Your Stay with Us in Costa Rica!

Playa Dona Ana Costa Rica

Family Time Together

How long has it been since you have been able to spend quality time with your family or extended family?  Coming to Atenas, Costa Rica and visiting the Central Valley is the perfect place for getting together with family, parents, grandparents, or siblings.  It’s a special way to share occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, girls’ or guys’ getaway, or even that high school or college graduation.  One of the best features of the Villa is the expansive forty foot outdoor covered terrace attached to the back of the living/dining room area.  You will especially find yourself enjoying this area morning, noon and night.  The terrace is perfect for entertaining, or just enjoying that glass of wine at the end of a very adventuresome day.  And since Atenas is noted for having the best climate in the world, it is one of the best places to vacation in Costa Rica!

white water rafting

Exploring  Costa Rica 

While Costa Rica is small in size, it does make up for this in its dramatic natural beauty with plenty to see and more to do.  Costa Rica has become the tourist mecca for nature lovers and adventurers alike.  Nature hikes, bird watching, white-water rafting, kayaking, surfing, zip-line canopy tours, rappelling,  snorkeling, sport fishing, mountain biking and trekking are just some of the many adventures one can indulge in while exploring this still vastly undiscovered lush and green region.

With a handful of active volcanoes, many gorgeous beaches, dense forestation that stretches for miles on end, and some of the world’s most exotic habitats, Costa Rica attracts more than a million tourists every year. Flanked to the right by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean, this tiny country sums up its entire life style in a single phrase “Pure Vida”–which literally means pure life!


Villa Doughty Pool Mountain View

Relaxing by Our Sparkling Pool  

We all need a little escape from everyday life, which is why our promise is to provide a perfect private paradise for our guests at Villa Doughty.  Would it not be wonderful to be able to relax by our very private pool, with a grand view of the Central Valley Mountains, while you feast your eyes on the many birds, hummingbirds, and hundreds of butterflies feeding on the nearby Lantana surrounding the pool “cool deck”?   The moment you arrive and open the door to this stunning and unusually spacious villa, you know you are going to enjoy your dream vacation…your home away from home! Staying at Villa Doughty you will be so comfortable and so relaxed when you leave, that you will be totally rejuvenated.